N-1 2.4G Wireless Controller

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    • The controller is available to XBONE, as well as Windows computers and P3/XSX hosts.
    • The controller is able to be applied to dual motor vibration.
    • There are many advantages, including wireless 2.4G connection, exclusive frequency hopping technology, powerful anti-interference ability, stable connection signal, and free control.
    • It is equipped with lithium batteries, operating up to 10 hours.
    • Any driver is not needed and the controller will work when it connects with XBONE host, P3/XSX host, or PC computer.
    • It is easy to be switched to X-input or D-input on the PC without any driver.
    • Up to 2 wireless controllers can be connected to the host at the same time.
    • You can enjoy the game even though the controller is being charged.
    • The wireless 2.4G receiver can be upgraded by the software on a computer.

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