High Speed, 4K Ultra TRAHD HDMI Cable, Male-to-Male, HDTV 2.0 Standard TransmissionLine,1.5 Meter

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High Speed, 4K Ultra TRAHD HDMI Cable,  Male-to-Male, HDTV 2.0 Standard Transmission line,1.5 Meter

Accord with HDTV 2.0 Requirements
Adopting the standard of crude 19+1 wire core+ground wire
Supports dual-screen display and 4 voice signal streams
Supports Donldy true-HD, DTS-HD, masteraudio, and support up to 32 sound channels at the same time
24k gold-plated connector, aluminum alloy housing, can maintain accurate auxiliary and high durability
High-speed ethernet-support 10/100mbps network transmission, the maximum speed can reach 100mdps
PS4/blu ray/projector/set-top box/HD TV..all applicable

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