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24-inch RK50 upgrades the traditional ordinary warm and cold lighting effect to a studio-level multi-color lighting effect.t has a studio-level RGB color temperature and brightness display, allowing the anchor and photographer to intuitively control the shooting light values. The universal wireless remote control can simultaneously control various live shooting software and various lighting effects, so that the vibrato remote control and the light control remote control are combined into one, making your use more portable and simple. The RK50 can be directly powered by a 220V household outlet. It can also be powered by a USB or mobile power supply in outdoor shooting scenes without a power outlet. Both the household power access mode and the USB power supply mode can be controlled simultaneously by remote control and remote control switch. The brightness, color temperature, and mode of the lighting components come with dual USB outputs for mobile phone charging. With so many practical functions, you can quickly add the powder to become a celebrity. 

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