Smart Watch Z32 PRO Fitness Trackers Wristbands Wireless Charging(4 Colours)

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Smart Watch Z32 PRO Fitness Trackers Wristbands Wireless Charging



  • Encoder: Rotate the button to switch between the dial and the main menu at will, and slide up and down in the secondary menu; the gypsophila style menu can be zoomed in and out;
  • Split screen: Swipe right on the dial interface to enter the split screen function, and you can quickly enter the corresponding function;
  • Dial push: Push the pointer dial, digital dial, and custom dial on the app;
  • Information: Synchronize the content of SMS on mobile phone (not supported by IOS mobile phone);
  • Dial: Bluetooth call via cellphone talk at the watch end;
  • Phonebook: 400 contacts can be synchronized on the mobile phone;
  • Call record: The call record of the mobile phone can be synchronized;
  • Bluetooth: Search for the device to be connected, or disconnect the connected device;
  • Pedometer: You can view the number of steps you walked, calorie consumption, and walking distance on the day. At 12 o'clock every night, the data of the day will be saved and reset to 0;
  • ECG: It takes about 35 seconds for ECG data to come out. After the measurement is completed, the ToAPP interface will appear. The ECG data is saved on the mobile phone "RDFit" and can be viewed in the history data in the RDFit ECG test;
  • Sleep monitoring: Your sleep duration and quality will be recorded every night from 9 o'clock in the morning to help you better adjust your work and rest time and improve sleep quality.
  • Weather: After connecting to Bluetooth, the watch can display the weather conditions for the next 3 days;
  • Modes for sports: such as walking, running, mountaineering, cycling, basketball, badminton, table tennis, football, after the exercise is completed, you can enter the bottom of the sports mode to view the history of the sport;
  • Heart rate: enter the heart rate, click to start the measurement, and the data will be displayed after 15 seconds; (heart rate monitoring settings can be performed on the APP side, and heart rate monitoring will be performed every day during the set time period)
  • Blood pressure: Enter blood pressure, click to start measuring, the data will be out after about 11 seconds;
  • Blood oxygen: Enter blood oxygen, click to start the measurement, and the data will be out after about 11 seconds;
  • Bluetooth music: control to play music on the phone;
  • Calendar: View the calendar;
  • Alarm clock: five alarm clocks can be customized; long press to enter to delete the alarm clock;
  • Stopwatch: Turn on this function for single or multiple timing;
  • Find a mobile phone: connect to Bluetooth, click on the watch to find a mobile phone, and the phone ring will ring;
  • Find a watch: Tap Find a watch on the APP side, and the bell on the watch side will ring;
  • Body temperature: Enter body temperature, click to start measuring, the data value will be displayed after about 11 seconds
  • Remote photo: When the phone is not locked, the watch enters Bluetooth to take a photo, the phone enters the camera interface, taps the watch to take a photo, and the photo is stored on the phone;
  • Sedentary: Set a reminder time for sedentary sitting. When the time is up, the watch will automatically ring to remind you;
  • Calculator: Enter to perform simple calculations.
  • Action: Support call flipping mute, alarm clock flipping mute, turning the wrist to turn on the screen (the screen will automatically turn on and off when you raise your hand), and shaking to answer the call;
  • Power saving mode: power-saving mode can be selected;
  • Anti-lost alarm: When the anti-lost alarm is turned on and the watch is disconnected, the watch will sound an alarm;
  • Drinking water reminder: After turning on the drinking water reminder function, from 9 am to 9 pm, remind to drink water once every hour (it is recommended to consume 2.5L of water per day, which is helpful for health);

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