Xuenair Aluminum Alloy Laptop Heat Dissipate Concise Elegant Holder Stands(GREY)

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    • High-Quality Material - Made of aluminum and TPU anti-slip strip, composed of 90% recyclable materials, a single piece metal frame through carved process and hand-polished, anti-scratches and anti-slip TPU pads for comfortable touch, it makes the cooling bracket sturdy and durable, compact and firm

    • Ergonomic Design - Comfortable folding angle between Laptop screen and keyboard & trackpad, raises notebook screen height to eye level, elevates the screen to a more comfortable and neck-friendly viewing height, helps reduce neck strain and eye strain, provide your comfortable typewriting feeling and efficient work

    • Cooling Design - The open wedge design can increase cooling and improve airflow around the laptop.

    • Cable Management - Cable keeps connections handy and accessible during use, and in place when you are mobile, cable organizer makes wires neatly behind the laptop

    • Compatible with all Laptops, Tablet, Notebook PC and Apple Macbooks, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, and Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and it also can be used as a bookshelf when you reading books

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